gaming chairs for fat people

Top 9 Best Gaming Chairs for Fat Guys

Best Gaming Chairs for Fat Guys

Are you the type that spends the majority of your time on your back? If so, you may be suffering from a bad case of ‘gamer’s back,’ or ‘gamer’s thumb.’ If this describes you, then you might be interested in checking out these gaming chairs.

In fact, they can have a positive impact on your overall health, but these chairs are only as good as the individual they are built for. The best gaming chair will provide maximum comfort and support in one fell swoop. So, let’s find out if these chair brands are worth checking out.

What to Look for in the Best Gaming Chairs for Big/Fat Guys?

A gaming chair is an important piece of your gaming experience, especially if you spend most of your time sitting at your PC or console.

A quality gaming chair can keep your spine straight and your back in great shape while you get down to business playing your favorite games.

But it’s important to know how to pick a good gaming chair according to your size because not all chairs are created equal. If you’re shopping around, you might find yourself confused about what you should be looking for when you’re deciding on a chair.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through all the trouble yourself; we’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of what to look for in a high-quality gaming chair for fat guys.

Weight Capacity

There’s an old adage that says you can tell how much weight a person will be able to lift by looking at their feet.

In the case of chairs, that adage holds true. In general, the heavier the chair, the better it’ll be for lifting. This is because heavier chairs typically have more stable and durable frames.

For this reason, you can expect that heavy-duty models will cost more than light models.

Lumbar Support

Whether or not you use a gaming chair as a desk or a couch is another important factor to think about when shopping for gaming chairs. If you choose a desk design, then the seat should be positioned high enough to allow for good lumbar support.

If you go with a lounge chair design, then the seat should be positioned low enough to allow for good upper back support.

Lumbar support can be a tricky thing to talk about without making assumptions, so it’s best to do your homework before making any decision.

Make Sure the Seat Size Fits You Properly

Your chair shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should fit your body properly, which means having enough room for your legs to move freely when you’re seated.

To find the right size for you, stand up and use your body as a guide.

How high is your seat above the ground? Is it at least 17 inches? Or does it touch the floor?

How wide is your seat? Does it extend past the edge of your thighs? How far forward do you want it to go?

Once you know the correct seat height and width, measure yourself in the chair to make sure it fits.

Best Gaming Chairs for Big and Tall People

This post will list the top 9 best gaming chair for bigger guys. You can use it as a reference and decide which chair suits your needs the best. So let’s get to it!

1#Luckracer Gaming Chair with Footrest Office Desk Chair Ergonomic Gaming Chair


Luckracer Gaming Chair with Footrest Office Desk Chair Ergonomic Gaming Chair


Luckracer has all the features that a gamer is looking for in one of their favorite chairs. It is a comfortable and convenient ergonomic gaming chair with Footrest. The chair provides superior comfort and convenience and is a perfect solution for people who play video games or are in a working environment.

The lukracer is equipped with a large seat cushion, adjustable armrests, and a sturdy frame for great gaming performance, this Chair seems like a very good option for heavy people. This gaming chair comes with a 5-point base that supports up to 350 pounds and a retractable footrest. The chair is extremely durable and will last for years if taken care of.

It is designed with a steel frame and PU leather covering. The gaming chair features adjustable lumbar support, a headrest pillow, an ergonomic design, and thick, comfortable sponge padding inside.

This chair is a perfect solution for people who love gaming or work on a computer all day.


1-Increase Productivity

Sit and relax while you enjoy your gaming experience.

2-Ergonomically Supportive Design

With an ergonomic design, this gaming chair supports your body posture and prevents neck, back, shoulder, and wrist pains.

3-Adjustable Armrests & Seat Cushion

With thicker padding, the armrests provide extra comfort for your arms and wrists, as well as additional support. The seat cushion is also thicker, providing you with added support when sitting.

4-Smooth Rolling Casters

The heavy-duty rolling casters ensure that your gaming chair will be able to move smoothly and be stable on any surface.

5-Retractable Footrest

This gaming chair features a footrest which is convenient when you need to stand up and get some fresh air. It allows you to relax and take a break from your game.

6-Durable Design

Pu leather material used for the chair frame is not only durable but also skin friendly. With its high-density thick sponge inside, it provides your body with more comfort and support.

7-Easily Extendable

By simply lifting the gas lift, you can easily adjust your gaming chair in height and angle to fit your needs.

2#GTRACING Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Heavy Duty Racing Video Game Chair


GTRACING Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Heavy Duty Racing Video Game Chair


This GT RACING Gaming Chair is a combination of a heavy-duty racing video game chair with a headrest and lumbar support. Its thick padded back and seat provide comfort and the multi-functions such as adjustable armrest and seat height, 360 degrees swivel, and smooth-rolling casters make it easy to move around and comfortable for extended periods of time. It has all the features that suit the best gaming chair for fat guys.

A wide variety of features are available for you to make your gaming more enjoyable. It has an adjustable armrest and seat height of 90 to 170 Degrees reclining and rocking.

Whether it’s working, studying, or gaming, this racing gaming chair offers ultimate support for your comfort. This gaming chair will make you feel relaxed and will keep you in a comfy position, so you can concentrate on your game. 


1-Comfortable Sitting Position

GTRACING gaming chair promotes a comfortable seated position. The thick padded back and seat make this chair the next level of comfort.

2-90 to 170 Degree reclining and rocking Function

The armrest and seat height can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

3-360 Degree swivel Function

The chair can adjust its position from 90-degree reclining to a sitting position or to a standing position in just seconds. 360-degree swivel ensures you enjoy a great gaming experience while sitting comfortably.

4-Multi-Function Function

Adjustable armrest and seat height; 90 to 170 Degrees reclining and rocking; 360 Degree swivel; heavy-duty metal base; smooth-rolling casters; Removable headrest pillow and lumbar pillows.

5-Strong Metal Frame Design

The chair frame design is made of strong metal for better stability and safety.

6-Heavy-duty Metal Base

GTRACING gaming chair is designed with thick padding, heavy-duty metal base for extra stability and safety.

7-Smooth-rolling Casters

The smooth-rolling caster will ensure the chair to remain upright on any flooring, providing maximum stability.

8-Removable Headrest Pillow

This pillow can be removed and used as a comfortable neck pillow. It also doubles as an armrest pillow.

9-Adjustable Armrest Height

Adjustable armrest ensures you have a proper sitting height, allowing you to experience a more comfortable gaming experience.

10-Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow helps maintain your posture while playing for long periods of time.

3#Bowthy Massage Gaming Chair for Adults, Heavy Duty Big and Tall Gamer Chair 


Bowthy Massage Gaming Chair for Adults, Heavy Duty Big and Tall Gamer Chair 


This Gaming Chair comes with the best massage functions and ergonomic design to offer a great gaming experience. With the 2 massage programs to relieve lumbar stiffness, this massage chair can provide you with full lumbar massage as well as neck massage.

In addition, this massage gaming chair has a large size and high-grade PU leather seat, which can easily support up to 350lbs. It also has an adjustable headrest and a fully-adjustable lumbar pad for comfort, along with two different height-adjusted armrests.

This is a must-have massage gaming chair for gamers who want to sit comfortably while playing games.


1-Comfortable & Soft Seat

This gaming chair features an adjustable and padded headrest, footrest and armrests that are all made of high-quality leather, providing you with comfort and convenience when playing your favorite games.

2-Adjustable Massage Chair

It’s equipped with 2 massage programs to help relieve lumbar stiffness and neck tension. The massage can be set to 3 different levels to adjust the intensity according to the user’s preferences.

3-Lightweight and Portable Design

The padded backrest features an extendable design, providing the user with more comfortable sitting experience and increased room for storage.

4-High-quality Leather & Durable PU Leather

All of our products are made from high-quality materials and workmanship. The gaming chair is designed to provide you with long-term use. You will have a worry-free purchase experience.

5-Easy To Clean

We take all necessary measures to maintain our products. The gaming chair is easy to clean, so it can be maintained with ease.

4#LEMBERI Video Game Chairs with footrest,Massage Gamer Chair,Big and Tall Gaming Chair 400lb Capacity.


LEMBERI Video Game Chairs with footrest,Massage Gamer Chair,Big and Tall Gaming Chair 400lb Capacity.


LEMBERI Video Game Chairs Big and Tall Gaming Chair 400lb Capacity are the high-quality PU leather chairs, ergonomic body-hugging high back provides lumbar support naturally fits your shoulders, head, and neck. The design is different from other e-sports chairs because it has a larger seat, perfect for adults.

It can hold up to 400 pounds. It has high-density shaping foam, a thick steel frame, more stable. The armrest of this video gaming chair is different from others because it’s more ergonomic, softer and more relaxing.

This computer chair has an adjustable seat height feature that enables you to lower or raise your seat .360 Degree Swivel and Omni-directional Wheels. 90 – 155 degree adjustable backrest. Rubber casters, This is a gamer chair for adult teens and kids. 

Massage lumbar support can relax your lumbar. You can sit it when you play computer. You can also use it as a PS4 chair or office chair.


1-Great for All Ages!

Our products are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. It’s great for adults, teens, kids and for gamers of all ages.

2-High-Quality PU Leather Material

The chair’s high-quality PU leather can make you feel comfortable and skin-friendly.

3-Durable Steel Frame:

High-end Construction Using high-quality PU leather, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. High-density shaping foam, thick steel frame, more stable. The armrest of this video gaming chair is different from others because it’s more ergonomic, softer, and more relaxing.

4-Class 3 Gas Lift Support :

The high load-bearing capacity of a 5-star base. Rubber casters, rolling quietly and tested by 1000 miles rolling. This is a gamer chair for adult teens and kids. This support up to 400lbs

5-Easy To Adjust:

Use the adjustable features to customize it to your own taste and needs.

6-Adjustable Backrest and Headrest

This video gaming chair has an adjustable seat height feature that enables you to lower or raise your seat. Massage lumbar support can relax your lumbar. You can sit it when you play computer.

7-Anti-Tilt Support Mechanism:

This anti-tilt mechanism prevents you from getting bumped in the head, neck or shoulders. 

5#Big and Tall Office Chair Ergonomic Chair 400lbs Wide Seat Executive Desk Chair


Big and Tall Office Chair Ergonomic Chair 400lbs Wide Seat Executive Desk Chair


The best big & tall desk chairs in the market can be the best choice. There are many options available on the market, but there’s no need to spend much money on them, we offer desk chairs with lumbar, adjustable armrest and waist support for your convenience.

These chairs are durable, easy to put together, comfortable to sit in, and will serve you very well. This desk chair has a unique appearance and extra thickly cushioned desk chair for your maximum comfort.

It features a metal base with a 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters, great stability and mobility. Computer chair have commercial-grade components, all pass BIFMA, and a soft sponge with a flexible spring supports up to 400lbs.

This chair has an excellent breathable design of senior imports of preventing loosing mesh, maintain the air flowing naturally in the desk chair seat area keep the sweat and back were not overheating.

It has lumbar support, adjustable height of the lumbar and an adjustable armrest to help reduce back pressure and relax the natural curve of the spine. It also has waist support, to help you adjust the comfort of the chair. This desk chair is best for you to work on your PC, laptop, and other electronic devices for hours on end.

These big and tall office chairs are suitable for small offices, home offices, homes or any other place where people often use their PC or laptop for work.


1-Safe, Comfortable And Comfortable Chair.

The high back design helps to relieve pressure on your neck, shoulders, and upper body.

2-Ergonomic Office Chair.

It’s good for people who spend their time sitting at a desk or at a computer all day.

3-Adjustable Backrest Height

You can adjust the backrest of this chair to meet your needs.

4-Easy To Move

You can roll it with ease to get around your house, even up and down stairs.

5-High Back Support.

Using high-quality PU leather, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly.High-density shaping foam, thick steel frame, more stable. The armrest of this video gaming chair is different from others because it’s more ergonomic, softer and more relaxing.

6-Anti-Swaying Design.

It’s very stable so you don’t have to worry about falling out of it.

7-Soft Comfortable Seat.

Using high-quality PU leather, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly.High-density shaping foam, thick steel frame, more stable. The armrest of this video gaming chair is different from others because it’s more ergonomic, softer and more relaxing.

6#AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair


AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair


AutoFull gaming chair, racing style ergonomic high back computer chair with height adjustment, footrest, headrest and lumbar support. It is an excellent choice for long-term gaming sessions.

This chair is designed to provide the right amount of support to keep your back in good shape, which makes it the perfect chair for gamers of all ages.

AutoFull was created with your back in mind. This ergonomic gaming chair features a thick backrest that can be adjusted from 16″ to 22″ tall, along with adjustable lumbar support that can be moved up or down by 3.25″ increments.

There are also 2D arms on either side of the gaming chair, making it easy to adjust the height of the seat to the height you prefer. The 360° swivel capabilities allow you to move around and find the perfect angle to set up and play, while the 360° rotation wheels allow you to easily move and store the chair when not in use.

For added convenience, there is a power folding footrest that also includes an extra armrest for those extended sessions. The footrest also includes a built-in storage compartment. If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming chair, this one is a must-have. It’s perfect for all ages, with the right amount of support and comfort.

The best thing about this gaming chair is that it also looks really sleek and stylish. Whether you are playing on the couch, on your bed, or in your favorite gaming spot, this chair will keep you comfortable and relaxed as you enjoy your favorite games.


1-Support Your Posture and Back Health

AutoFull Gaming Chair is designed to enhance the posture of users by providing more support to the back, neck, and waist. It allows users to sit in different postures and in comfortable positions. It can also improve blood circulation, and reduce the risk of getting headaches, neck, shoulder and back pains. 

2-Protect your Eyesight

 This gaming chair will keep you in your optimal posture, which can significantly decrease the amount of strain put on your neck, back and eyes.

3-Relieve Fatigue

AutoFull gaming chair can help relieve fatigue caused by sitting all day on a hard desk, or computer, by supporting users with good posture and relieving the pressure on the lower back. 

4-Swivel 360 Degree With Headrest and Footrest Adjustment

AutoFull Gaming Chair offers an advanced headrest and footrest adjustment. You can tilt your head left and right to adjust your viewing angle as you play, or shift your feet forward and backward to adjust your comfort position.

5-Seat Height Adjustment for Different Users

AutoFull gaming chair has a seat height adjustment to provide a more comfortable seating position for different users. You can select any one of the following positions: full sitting, half sitting, and standing. This chair is easy to set up and will allow you to adjust your seat height easily and quickly.

7#Gaming Chair Big and Tall Office Chair 500lb Wide Seat Desk Chair


Gaming Chair Big and Tall Office Chair 500lb Wide Seat Desk Chair


 It’s designed to accommodate larger and taller body types. Proportioned for those of above average weight or height, they offer broader seat widths and backs. 

This gaming chair comes with 2D armrests, a thick foam cushion, and an adjustable lumbar support cushion. The 360° rotating feature ensures that you have enough space to rest your hands on this big and tall office chair. It also has metal legs that provide stability and a nylon rolling base for easy mobility.

The lumbar support cushion can be adjusted from 11″ to 14″. The big tall office chair includes a backrest cushion, lumbar support pillow, and headrest cushion, all of which are made from high-density foam to offer superior comfort.

The headrest cushion is covered with a luxuriously soft microfiber fabric and the lumbar pillow is embroidered with fine embroidery.


 1-USB Massage Lumbar Support:

Chair the backrest has a massage lumbar support that is powered by USB to release your waist fatigue for your tired.

2-Best for Heavy People

Proportioned for those of above average weight or height, they offer broader seat widths and backs.

3-Lumbar & Headrest Cushion :

An adjustable lumbar/headrest cushion is designed to relieve lower back pain and stress with its contoured shape and comfortable pressure.

4-2D Armrest and 2 Adjustable Angle

The chair offers 2D arms to support you while you type or work at the computer. The arms can be moved from side to side so that they are perfectly level with your shoulders.

8#AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit


AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit


 AK Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair is an extra large size, comfortable gaming chair perfect for your gaming desk.

It’s made of high-quality PU leather, providing you with the best of both worlds with upholstery and durable construction. You’ll feel like a king as you recline on this comfortable gaming chair.

The extra-large size is perfect for extra comfort and it also has a built-in lift mechanism, which makes it easy to pick up and move. The 400 lbs weight capacity ensures that you will be able to use this chair no matter what you put it through.

It features an adjustable rocker mechanism and adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows for maximum comfort. This gaming chair also comes with armrests in four directions and four-directional armrests for a comfortable gaming experience.



The extra-large size makes this chair comfortable and relaxing. The upholstery is high-quality PU leather that is easy to clean and durable. It’s backed by a manufacturer warranty.


Our top-quality upholstery features anti-corrosive treatment to protect against corrosion from prolonged contact with water or moisture, and a warranty backed by a manufacturer.

3-Pleasant To Look At

This chair has a great look and a pleasant design. You will feel very relaxed when sitting in it.

4- Durability

Made with premium materials that are resistant to corrosion and can withstand heavy duty use.

5-Seat Height Adjustment Mechanism

To help ensure a comfortable seating position, you can adjust the height of your seat in 4 directions: up & down, back & forth, in & out, and rotate to the sides.

6-Rocker Mechanism

The chair includes an adjustable rocking mechanism with lockable tilt positions and easy to use gaslift, which allows you to increase or decrease the angle of your seat to ensure maximum comfort during long gaming sessions or reading for hours on end.

7- Armrests

Adjustable in four directions: up & down, back & forth, in & out, and rotate to the sides. Each armrest features a comfortable foam cushion and an ergonomically designed shape that supports your arms while you game and work.

8- Headrest

The headrest can be adjusted in 6 different positions and provides maximum comfort for your head.

9#FANTASYLAB 400lb Gaming Chair Big Tall Breathable Office Racing Computer Chair


FANTASYLAB 400lb Gaming Chair Big Tall Breathable Office Racing Computer Chair


The large, comfortable, and convenient computer chair is perfect for your home office or living room. Designed to match your lifestyle, the Fantasylab racing computer chair comes with a unique design that makes it ideal for gaming or other activities that require long-term sitting.

The Fantasylab racing chair features an ultra-high backrest with two lumbar pillows, giving you incredible comfort and support. It also has an adjustable height that allows you to set the seat comfortably at different heights, while still allowing you to move around as needed.

It comes with 4 integrated fans inside the seat cushion, which keeps you cool all day long. You can adjust every single part of this racing-style gaming chair to perfectly fit the type and height of your body.

You can adjust the height of this office chair, the tilt of the backrest, the backpressure, and the armrests. The armrests can be adjusted to 3 dimensions, up and down, forth and back, and rotation. This Chair holds up to 400lb.


1- Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort

This race style gaming chair was designed with ergonomics in mind. It can help relieve you from the tension caused by sitting at a desk all day long.

2-Adjustable Lumbar Pillow, Backrest Armrests & Headrest Pads

The lumbar pillow can be adjusted to suit your body shape. The backrest armrests and the headrest pads can be tilted, rotated and adjusted. You can even adjust the height of the backrest and the back pressure as well. The armrests can be adjusted in three directions, upward, backward, forward, and rotation.

3- Built-in USB Fans Cooling Your System

You can feel comfortable and cool when sitting at your desk and gaming computer with 4 built-in fans that keep the temperature of your computer and gaming system under control.

4- Memory Foam Seat Pad & Headrest Pads

The memory foam seat cushion is ultra soft and plush, providing great comfort and support for your back and neck. It also includes a padded lumbar pillow to support your lower back. The headrest pads are made of premium grade leather, with a high-density gel core to hold the pad securely in place. They are soft and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.

5- Stable Steel Construction and Anti-Slip Feet

This racing style gaming chair is sturdy and heavy-duty. Its frame and seat pan are made of sturdy steel. The base and caster wheels are anti-slip, so you can enjoy a stable gaming experience on any surface.

Buyer’s Guide:

Gaming chairs can be a bit of a tricky purchase. You want a chair that will support your weight, not make you feel like you’re sitting on a rock. But on the other hand, a chair that’s too comfortable will make you lose focus and not enjoy your game. So we’ve made this guide to help you narrow down your search!

In general, most gaming chairs come in three main styles:

Big and tall gaming chairs (usually with a high back)

Most big and tall chairs have a lot of height and back support to keep your spine straight while you sit in the chair. These types of chairs are designed for a bigger person who needs to lean back far for comfort.

You will usually need a bigger chair for a larger person than someone who is average size or petite. The extra width and length of a big and tall chair mean that you will feel more stable and less like you’re falling forward. You can find these types of chairs from brands such as Ergotron and Recline.

Heavy-duty gaming chairs (usually with a lower back)

Heavy duty chairs offer the same stability and comfort as big and tall chairs, but also have higher backs so that they support you better while you lean back. This style of chair will be much heavier, too, so if you have a small space, make sure to get a chair that is a good fit for your room.

Recline gaming chairs

For anyone who has arthritis or mobility issues, reclining chairs are great. Recline chairs are generally designed for people who need to sit up tall for extended periods of time, and can recline in both a full-recline and a semi-recline.

Some recline chairs even provide a flat recline position and adjustable footrests, which can help with back pain. You will usually have to look for an adjustable recline option if you want one of these chairs.

Executive gaming chairs

These are typically more luxurious options for people who are interested in spending a lot of money on a chair. They are often outfitted with features such as plush fabric and reclining capabilities. Some executive gaming chairs also offer a more ergonomic design to support the natural shape of your body.

It’s important to take a few things into consideration when buying a gaming chair, such as the space where you plan to place it, the type of gaming chair you prefer, your budget, and your comfort level. But regardless of which style you choose, you should always go in knowing that you’re purchasing a product that was designed for you!

Here are Some FAQs

-How Do Gaming Chairs for Big Guys Work?

Gaming chairs for big guys are designed to help players sit comfortably during long gaming sessions. Most big-sized gaming chairs come with a high backrest, adjustable armrests, and other ergonomic features to help provide adequate support. These chairs can also be easily moved around, allowing gamers to change their position easily.

-How much weight can gaming chairs hold?

The weight of any chair depends on its size, design, material, and construction. For example, a larger chair would hold more weight than a smaller one. But the most important factor here is the design. A chair with a high back would be able to hold more weight than a chair with a low back.

Final Thoughts:

As technology advances, the gaming market keeps growing. It’s no surprise that there are now more people who want to play games, especially when they are sitting at their PC or console.

If you have been considering buying a gaming chair, but you don’t want to invest a fortune, let me help you out here. In this article, we’ll look at a variety of chairs, from the most affordable to the most expensive. Hopefully, this article will help you make a good decision on choosing a good gaming chair for Fat and Heavy people!

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